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ColorSource DMX Relay Wireless

84.233 kr.
ColorSource Relay with Wireless Receiver...

ColorSource Wireless DMX Transmitter

84.233 kr.
ColorSource Wireless DMX Transmitter...

Multiverse Node 2.4Ghz

119.723 kr.
City Theatrical's Multiverse Node is the first building block of the Multiverse system

Multiverse Receiver Card, 2.4Ghz

56.440 kr.
Implement wireless DMX/RDM into entertainment projects or lighting equipment in a simple way

Multiverse SHoW Baby

94.963 kr.
Wireless DMX transceiver that delivers breakthrough plug and play wireless DMX and RDM transmission

QolorFLEX 2×2.5A 2.4Ghz Multiverse Dimmer

51.484 kr.
Small, constant voltage, two-output dimmer designed to be mounted in small spaces such as props, costumes, wands, and candles..

QolorFLEX 5×2.5A 2.4Ghz Multiverse Dimmer

78.005 kr.
Constant voltage, five-output dimmer that can be controlled using Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM* or with wired DMX..

RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer

90.214 kr.
Helps you to create a broadcast plan that optimizes available spectrum in your area, and helps prevent interference with other mission critical radio devices near you.