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DMX Cable 1 pair

439 kr.
Touring quality, 1 pair screened DMX cablesuitable for heavy duty stage lighting control applications. The cable is constructed from a pair of tinned, oxygen-free copper cores, protected by both aluminium polyester foil and a tinned oxygen-free copper wov..
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1505F 75ohm Coax Cable

899 kr.
75 Ohm SDI Coax, RG-59, 22 AWG (7x29) Bare Copper Conductor, PE Insulation, Double 95% Tinned Copper Braid Shield, PVC Jacket, CM, Flexible..
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Coax Digital Video Cable

591 kr.
Event Series HD850 HD/SDI Digital Video Cable..
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Speaker Cable 2×1,5mm

398 kr.
EventSeries®Professional Speaker Cable ZHP 2x1,5q..
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Single Pair Audio Cable

166 kr.
EventSeries®Single Pair Digital Wiring Installation Cable AES-EBU (TPM)..
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Microphone Audio Cable

259 kr.
MLX2 is a professional grade oxygen free microphone cable..
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Speaker Cable 2×2,5mm

647 kr.
EventSeries®Professional Speaker Cable ZHP 2x2,5q..
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