QSC er viðurkenndur framleiðandi hljóðkerfa fyrir hvers konar notkun frá kjaftrýmum (e. huddle room) og upp í stór kerfi fyrir tónleika utandyra og allt þar á milli. Kerfin þeirra gera notendum auðvelt að hanna og samþætta sveigjanlegar lausnir og skila samþættum og IT vænni tækni. Stjórnkerfi eru AV kerfi byggð fyrir upplýsingatækni. Það þýðir samhæfing við upplýsingatæknikerfi sem nota LDAP og SNMP samskiptareglur. Það þýðir auðvelda stigstærð kerfanna til að mæta breytilegum þörfum ásamt því að styðja miðstýrða stjórnun og eftirlit. Útkoman eru fundarupplifanir sem notendur vissu ekki að væru mögulegar.


What is Q-SYS?

Created from the ground-up, Q-SYS is a software-based platform built around an open IT-friendly ecosystem. It uniquely leverages the power of Intel processing, the robustness and mission critical reliability of a Linux operating system, and the interoperability of IEEE networking standards. This IT-centric layered approach allows QSC to easily migrate the Q-SYS Ecosystem to other Intel platforms as they introduce new, faster chipsets, and to other off-the-shelf hardware. Furthermore, its usage of IT standard protocols makes the Q-SYS Ecosystem highly extensible for future IT functions and platforms.


“Meet Little Billy”

Are you new to the Q-SYS Ecosystem? This hilarious 5-minute video will give you a crash course on the entire Ecosystem and give you a sense of the size and scalability of the platform.

Integrated Audio, Video and Control

Software-based Features

No Additional Hardware Required

Q-SYS offers audio, video and control (AV&C) features at the software level, which means you don’t need dedicated hardware like most competitive systems require. Invest in a platform that develops over time through software firmware upgrades. Below are just a few of the built-in features currently available through Q-SYS.

Scalable & Flexible

In-room / Local Processing

A single Q-SYS Core processor, such as the Q-SYS Core 8 Flex or Q-SYS Core 110f, can handle nearly any small installation including local inputs and outputs, audio and control processing, conference camera routing, endpoint bridging, advanced echo cancellation processing and EQ.

Centralized Processing

Large enterprises can deploy audio, video and control (AV&C) processing from the data center with the next-generation Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors. This paradigm allows IT to centralize all processing, control and monitoring of every piece of technology in the entire building, while offering full redundancy on nearly every Q-SYS component, just as you would for any other IT service on their network. This is the full experience of AV/IT convergence!

Q-SYS is Audio

If it’s Audio, We Can Handle It

  • Analog and digital audio via Q-SYS I/O peripherals
  • AES67-enabled devices can stream audio without additional hardware or licensing fees
  • Edge network support for Dante™, AVB and CobraNet™
  • Best-in-class AEC processing and EQ capabilities
  • Q-SYS is Video

Simplify Web Conference Integration in the Meeting Room

  • Networked conferencing cameras and end points with no clumsy USB extensions
  • Driverless USB integration for Microsoft Teams Rooms, Google Meet, Zoom Rooms and more
  • Single platform for in-rack PC, BYOD and interactive whiteboards


Q-SYS is Control

Complete Third-party Control

  • Advanced Lua scripting editor for customized third-party control
  • Growing library of plugins and scripts
  • Native Q-SYS touch screen controllers
  • Simple drag-and-drop GUI configuration for user control interfaces