Wyrestorm frumsýnir 48Gbps Optical HDMI

Kapallinn er einn af fáum sem er prófaður af ISF sem getur flutt 8K/60Hz 4:4:4 sem aktívur HDMI ljósleiðarakapall.  Hann er vottaður að 15 metrum, en fæst einnig sem 10 metra kapall.  Sjá betur texta að neðan:

The WyreStorm HAOC is a next generation HDMI cable designed for the next generation of 8K and 4K HDR content. Now established as the most powerful form of HDMI extension, WyreStorm active optical cables offer the best of both worlds: pixel-perfect long distance transmission of content and native HDMI communication, thanks to their ability to be a passive communication technology compared to HDBaseT extenders that often terminate the HDMI signal prior to transmission. Looking ahead to the next generation of content crossing into the HDMI2.1 specification, WyreStorm FRL hybrid optical HDMI cables have been designed ready for both content available now and that of the future.

8K and high framerate 4K HDR up to 48Gbps and new HDR standards such as SL-HDR1 and PQ are supported using the latest optical transmission technology. Additionally they offer a unique feature set in both delivering uncompressed HDMI content and compatibility with emerging HDMI technologies such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) & VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).