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LED Tape W6000-1800K, Auto Colorchange, 24V, 18W/m 224L/m, 5m

25.341 kr.
LED borði W6000-1800K, IP21, 24V, 224Lpm, 5 metrar

LED Tape W2100K, IP21, 24V, 17,3W/m 96Led/m, 5m

18.774 kr.
LED borði 2100K, IP21, 24V, 96Lpm, 5 metrar

5m LED borði 24V 2100K IP20

20.032 kr.
24V, flexible LED strip (6LED/step =62.5mm(24V)) with 3M adhesive tapeon the back for easy installed.1025,40lm/m at 17.28W/m. 120° beam angle.Very ...