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HomeScreen – 16:9 100″ 220x124cm – veggfest fast – Matte White

150.209 kr.
The HomeScreen is a fixed frame screen with matted black frame

HomeScreen Deluxe – 16:9 203″ 450x253cm – veggfest fast – Parallax Stratos 1.0

720.249 kr.
The HomeScreen Deluxe is a fixed frame screen with black velvet frame as well as the latest technology in projection surfaces designed for 4K and Ultra HD to maximize the technology of your projector

DescenderPro – 16:9 104″ 230x129cm – innfellt rafdrifið – High Contrast

427.354 kr.
The DescenderPro is a ceiling recessed-projection screen that combines new installation features with a new motorized ALR surface option in addition to the high-resolution HD Progressive materials

DescenderPro Tensioned Sightline – 16:10 153″ 330x206cm – innfellt SightLine rafdrifið – HD Progressive 1.1

1.208.722 kr.
SightLine is a new cable-drop system that makes the projection screen virtually float in your room when in use and completely disappears when not in use

Fast-Fold Deluxe – 16:9 104″ 230×128,5cm – frístandandi smellt – HD Rental

378.460 kr.
The enhanced Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System brings an advanced approach to rental and staging applications for set-up and tear-down to accommodate all skill levels

Dry Erase Screen Panoramic – 16:10 201″ 488x151cm – veggfest fast – IDEA

786.068 kr.
Three panel design to cover large walls with magnetic dry erase marker board functionality. The center panel is formatted for projection with side panels for collaborative writing space.

Studio Electrol – 16:10 441″ 950x594cm – veggfest rafdrifið – Matte White

4.356.286 kr.
The Studio Electrol is for large screen applications including auditoriums, stages and arenas, and features a borderless screen surface that is centered in the screen housing.

Elpro Concept – 16:9 131″ 290x163cm – veggfest rafdrifið – Matte White

455.092 kr.
Projecta raises the bar for every wall or ceiling installation. The leaf-shaped case of the Elpro Concept offers a stylish solution for design-sensitive installations.