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Zigbee Driver, 4ch.

20.389 kr.
Zigbee Driver, in 230v, 4ch. out 24V, 96W max samlet
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4ch DALI driver CV

18.889 kr.
Dali Driver, in 230v, 4ch. out 24V, 96W max
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RadioScan™ Spectrum Analyser

72.151 kr.
RadioScan™ Spectrum Analyser (P/N 5988) is designed to scan to 2.4GHz spectrum to help take out the guess work when getting up Multiverse Show IDs in a site or venue
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24x4A LED Dimmer 12-24V

56.287 kr.
24 ch Dimmer fyrir LED 4A CV fyrir led borða
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5x8A LED Dimmer

17.513 kr.
5 ch Dimmer fyrir LED 8A CV fyrir led borða
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12x5A LED Dimmer 12-24V

26.267 kr.
12 ch Dimmer fyrir LED 5A CV fyrir led borða
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QolorFLEX® 2×2.5A Multiverse® Dimmer

78.321 kr.
- Ideal for props and costumes with a low profile - Supports ANSI E1.11 DMX512-A - Compatible with all Multiverse and SHoW DMX transmitters - Low profile latch connections for power, dimmer outputs, and DMX out - Output port test buttons - Configuration set via RDM - Built-in short circuit, reverse polarity, and over temperature protection
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QolorFLEX 5×2.5A 2.4GHz Multiverse Dimmer®

118.668 kr.
QolorFLEX® 5x2.5A Multiverse® Dimmer
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QolorFLEX® 4x10A Dimmer

152.995 kr.
The QolorFLEX® 4x10A Dimmer combines all of the functionality of our 4x10A Dimmer with higher output power and an integral 40A power supply in one unit.
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4x5A LED Dimmer DINrail

22.439 kr.
QolorFLEX® 4x5A DINrail RJ45 Dimmer
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4x5A LED Dimmer

23.302 kr.
QolorFLEX 4x5A Dimmer
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24x3A LED Dimmer

66.454 kr.
QolorFLEX 24x3A Dimmer
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5x8A LED Dimmer

25.708 kr.
QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmer
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